The Girl In The Woods by Gregg Olsen

Waterman & Stark Series.


A schoolgirl found it on a nature hike. A severed human foot wearing pink nail polish. A gruesome but invaluable clue that leads forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman down a much darker trail--to a dangerous psychopath whose powers of persuasion seem to have no end. Only by teaming up with sheriff's detective Kendall Stark can Birdy hope to even the odds in a deadly game. It's a fateful decision the killer wants them to make. And it's the only way Birdy and Kendall can find their way to a murderer who's ready to kill again.

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Birdy Waterman, Aunt Birdy, Kendall Stark, Brenda Nevins, Elan, Kitsap County, Jennifer Roberts, Micah, Missy Carlyle, Ruby Lake, Ted Roberts, Molly, Port Orchard, Scottsdale, Amanda, Banner Forest, Gig Harbor, Arizona, Katie, Janie, Sarah, Silverdale, Percy, Desert Enchantment

Note: At the time of publishing this post, there are six books in Gregg Olsen's Waterman & Stark series, of which The Girl In The Woods is Book 4. The following is a chronological list of publications (taken from Wikipedia) for the series thus far. You can find them all on
  • Victim Six (2010)
  • Closer Than Blood (2011)
  • The Bone Box (2012)
  • The Girl In The Woods (2014)
  • Now That She's Gone (2015)
  • Just Try To Stop Me (2016)

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