Time To Say Goodbye To eBooks And Welcome Back Physical Books?


This post is an excerpt from an article published in the online newspaper The Telegraph on the 29th of May 2016. It was written by Arts Correspondent Hannah Furness, after attending a Hay Festival sponsored by The Telegraph, where Mr Siôn Hamilton, the Trading Director of Foyles Bookshop, gave a talk entitled 'The Bookshop Is Back'.
"There are many reasons to buy a book, from learning about a new topic to the pure entertainment of immersing oneself in a different world.

A new generation has discovered one more, experts say: expressing their personalities in an increasingly online world.

Siôn Hamilton, the trading director of Foyles bookshop, said he had noticed a tendency for people to want to reflect their musical and reading tastes at home, retreating from the digital age to embrace physical objects again.

Speaking at a Hay Festival, sponsored by the Telegraph, Hamilton said Foyles' new store had enticed a "younger, trendier, more vibrant" group of customers, who were well able to order books online but chose to visit a physical bookshop instead."
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